Robson Forensic introduces

Expert Connection™ Kit


The Simple and Secure Solution for Remote Testimony

Our patent pending all-in-one kit puts you in your element, with ultra high definition video conferencing and high resolution document sharing in real time.

  • Maintains view of all participants while simultaneously sharing documents in real time
  • Enhanced security and simple connectivity on a pre-configured platform, purpose built for remote testimony
  • Peer-to-peer communication using proven WebEx™ encryption protocol
  • Securely mark and share exhibits (digital and physical) as you would in-person
  • Noticing Party manages the process
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How the
Expert Connection™ Kit Works

Simply schedule your testimony event(s) and each participant will receive a sanitized and pre-configured kit delivered to their location of choice.

Upon receipt, each participant:

  • Removes the kit from the reusable custom case
  • Plugs in the console and the document reader units
  • Connects to their internet
  • Noticing Party starts the event and invites the participants
  • Participants join by touching on-screen prompt

Upon completion, each participant:

  • Exits their meeting 
  • Powers off the unit
  • Returns the kit using the provided shipping label
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Benefits of the Expert Connection™ Kit

  • Saves thousands of dollars in time and travel expenses
  • Eliminates the need for personal devices, thereby preserving confidentiality
  • Maintains a secure connection with encryption, protecting the sensitive nature of your case details
  • Allows observation of facial expressions and demeanor in real time
  • Allows for video recording with high definition video and clear audio, perfect for replaying at trial
  • Affordable per-event lease plan, with no cost for the court reporter's unit

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